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Quasar online

A web-based interface for analysing your data


Principal component analysis


Design of experiences


Data visualization


Model reduction

What is QuasarOnline ?

QuasarOnline is a « light », web-accessible version of QUASAR, the data mining and IA computing engine of CADLM’s ODYSSEE platform.

Why QuasarOnline ?

QuasarOnline is useful for initiation into the data mining and AI techniques. QuasarOnline is intended for students or researchers as well as engineers or data scientist handling small to average size data sets. More advanced users are referred to the QUASAR software provided by CADLM (for more information about QUASAR, please visit this link )


QuasarOnline features

QuasarOnline is the perfect tool to start learning/ working/ teaching with data analysis


No need to install any extra software, work from anywhere.

Complete package

We offer a platform to manage, analyze and visualize your data.

Easy and effective

Simple interface to analyze the complex problems without typing any line of code. Built-in tool for creating report online.

Option for advance users

For users who are already familiar with QUASAR, you can use QUASAR scripting language directly online.

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